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LPG Dispenser

Our maintenance free LPG Dispenser adopts the most advanced metering technology, high precision accuracy and long-life spending characteristics with the below key features.

  1. Dispenser operation system is controlled by micro process computer unit, which displays the fuelling amount and quantity automatically.

  2. The attractive back light type LCD display shows the live reading for verification.

  3. Calibration mechanical and electronic lock as per the government regulation.

  4. Certified by PESO and Legal Metrology department, Govt of India.

  5. Web/Mobile application for sales data monitoring for authorized users.

  6. Duel speed fuelling for customer satisfaction.

  7. Duel display and keypad for each nozzle(s) in both sides of the dispensers .

  8. Attached Thermal printer for instant receipt printing after completing the fuelling as well as reporting.

  9. Password protected SS Cabinet electronic lock to prevent malpractice(s).

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